Even If You Say You Don't Love Me Anymore

July 14, 2010
By ArielSpruill BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
ArielSpruill BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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"To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead"---Bertrand Russell

Even if you say you don't love me anymore

I could never believe it
No, baby I hear what you're saying to me But I don't believe it
For the fact that i would give you everything I could
The air in my lungs, the life in my body,
the will in my soul I'd give you everything
And I gave you everything...
For you i parted my knees like the Red Sea because
you disguised yourself as a God to me
So i know the love we made had to be candy apple sweet
Because no other girl could make you cringe like me
And no other girl could make you grab the bed sheets

You see...you were never my choice, but my God given right
Because loving you was my duty...
and it was never really an option
Like an army in the battle field of love
i was drafted into my position so on the frontline...i was there
Although at times i felt alone
When i look to my left and i look to my right,
my men...thats my pride...had abandoned me
And although you may claim that its over...and
you won't dare admit that you loved me...you don't have to
cause your silence is the volume

Even if you say you don't love me anymore

You could never forget those nights when
i was your diary because your hands
grew too weak to even pick up a pen
And i was your "bad dream" catcher
because i be damned if let you struggle in your sleep

Even if you say you don't love me anymore

You could never deny your endless thoughts about me
Those text that formed as poems
that you would NEVER let a soul see
Because then they would know that
you still loved me

Even if you say you don't love me anymore

You cant escape those memories of the days
you used to hold me just because lonely
consumed you and i was your only comfort
Those days when no one else mattered
because i was your first priority and
second was never acceptable

Because even if you say you don't love me anymore

I don't pay attention to how you act around others
Avert your eyes like you don't know me
Quicken your pace when walking by me
and lowering your voice with a chuckle
so I KNOW you're talking about me

But its okay baby
Because once upon a time
you didn't wanna take your eyes off
of me
And you wanted to hold my hand while walking slowly
And you'd scream to the top of your lungs
that you loved me

But even if you say you DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE

I could never help that you've changed...
but your memories...they never will

And even if you say you don't love me anymore

I know you still do
But when you decide to say you love me again
I promise...I won't be loving you

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