Please Return

July 14, 2010
I've laid here
For a while now.
All I can do
Is think of you.

My heartship
Is what you've sank.
I'm just confused...
And hurt, too.

I know you think
I'm absolutely crazy.
But I don't care.

I love you,
But somehow,
You've been so...

I found out
Not so long ago
Of your disloyalty...
Of your cheating...

It's been a month
Since you stole my heart
And fooled me int thinking
it would be loved.

You've proved it to be
A tremendous reality.
My heart has been broken,
And I'm not sure it should be spoken.

I thought,
Just maybe...
But no...
It's no use.

You can't love me.
I'm not your disease.
Tears flow from my eyes
As you don't use a disguise.

No one's trying to start trouble.
This person's not even heard
Of our delirious double.
It hasn't been learned.

You broke a promise...
You lost your world.
Just give me my demise,
And I'll dismiss myself from your eyes.

I let you in
On quite a few secrets,
And now I have regret.
My head begins to spin.

You're all I can think about.
But I'm just distraught.
My thoughts of you linger.
I'm mindless to them.

I beg of you....
Don't make me plead...
Just give back..

Wht You Took From Me!

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