July 14, 2010
I Hear Them Whisper. Their Getting Closer. I Feel Panic Rise In My Chest Like An Angry Beast. Where Are You? You Would Always Save Me Before. Sudden Searing Pain Coming From Every Pore In My Body Distracts Me From My Thoughts. Demons Feast Upon My Flesh As I Lye Broken In My Imagination. Fire Licking At My Feet And Smoke Filling My Lungs, I Look For Your Hand. One Appears In Front Of Me, And Desperate For Relief, I Take It. As I'm Pulled Through The Flames, All The Pain In My Body Seeped Into My Hand. When I Get To The Other Side Of The Fire, I See That I Have Been Deceived. Satan Has Lured Me Into His Claws Again. I Run But Everywhere I Turn, He's Right There. Every Step I Take Their All Right Behind Me. They Mock Me. I Look Once Again For A Hand. It Seems Like Forever Has Passed Already When I See Another Hand. In Attempt To Destroy My Last Chance To Escape This Hell, Satan Darts Out From Behind Me And Tries To Stop Me. It's To Late. The Second I Touch Your Hand My Surroundings Change. Now I'm In Your Arms In A Dark Cool Room. A Startling Contrast Of Just Seconds Before. At Last I'm In Your Arms Again. The Torrents Of Hell Are Gone And We Can Sleep Peacefully, Tonight.

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