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July 23, 2010
I praise the random stream in a foreign land
For though seemingly insignificant; it holds a sort of charm
As I do, as I am the stream in a metaphorical world
And those irritating weeds that disrupt our grandparent’s gardens
For I pity those frail beings
It was not them who decided they were to born green, despised wisps of challenge
As I have no control on my name or my appearance
Therefore don’t assume we own evil
Though then comes cactus
Oddly shaped, viciously symmetrical
Has the ability to be poisonous
Yet has the power to solely be an image, a memory
I relate to sparkling water and Swiss chocolate
For the sparkles in the water give me the sensation that I am indeed alive
And the sweetness in the chocolate makes me realize the world isn’t all malady
Bliss is rare, though certainly existent
And the words I often chant, “I cannot handle you”
Shows my frustration and inability to express my emotions
Besides for chuckling those words
And in Siberia I belong
Away from this bubble of tragic ignorance
And into a world that I desire to create, my very own nihilistic world
Though New York is where my body first inhabited
And here, in this city of vulgarity
I have become part of, a piece of the complex puzzle we claim to be New York
And though I constantly fear this place may affect me in a way that would make me a
Make me eternally blind, convinced of immortality
Therefore, I wish to be Jane Heir
For she, as I, could care less about the standards of beauty or stature
Just to be is enough
Francesca and I are oddly similar, unique yet identical
And that, merely that fact, makes the illusion of life worth living
Do you believe in meaning?
For I don’t, as we are all egotistic animals who claim to rule people
And I resemble fire
And I will eternally burn until I have conquered all
And if I were an extinct bird such as the Teradactil
I would sing,sing,sing
Sing until my wings wiggled off
And until my babies flew off into the pollution of oxygen
And if I were a Salmon
I would swim,swim,swim until my gills lost their motivation
And I died, traveling the stream
I hope to one day play the Electric guitar on a graffitied stage
With a crowd of nihilists chanting my philosophy
As I died absolved in power
And we all are living in a Blank Generation:

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