July 23, 2010
By wrapsawdee BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
wrapsawdee BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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It amazes me
That despite your TV's propensity
to encourage "eco- friendly"
You still succumb to the density
of the almighty economy

Manufacture pride
While the surf regurgitates gunk chloride,
Something close to formaldehyde,
The stench of death on the seaside;
Capital blunders, nowhere to hide

Oozing like petrol
Forcibly drilled up from the Earth's warm soul
Dizzy up humanity's goal
Of easing up on the blazing coal
Poppin' caps like a peeved Metropol

Well, how about we
Sit atop this rabid democracy
Wonder how economy's free,
Come out with a great epiphany
From this mindblowing cacophony

Minds, cold; hearts, absent
Watch the world combat its own debasement
Experience the four elements
Surge, enraged at the establishment,
Taunting the ignorant government

No one knows how long
Or if a human army, millions strong
Can interrupt the damaged throng
Of species smudged by what has gone wrong;
Weary like sludge and a swan's death song

The sun's a relic
Of energy's chief natural edict
We're close to fighting wars with sticks
If we don't soon rebuild brick by brick
Stall the cyclones the Mayans predict

The author's comments:
This is based off of the Gulf Oil spill, the spoils of capitalism, and how mainstream media does not actually change minds for the better.

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