July 23, 2010
By tdubin123 PLATINUM, Nyc, New York
tdubin123 PLATINUM, Nyc, New York
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I was a January wind.
Innocent yet craved

Wanted winter’s frost to burn me.

I was 12 years old and owned little experience
My beautiful pride knew no malady
I was unable to comprehend that at 12 I would find my demon

I didn’t know of such terror
He was my mental terrorist: forever attacking
Seceding only when

The words he spoke brought an eternal garden to my soul
Indeed their were weeds; many as such
Though wild flowers blossomed above them,
Creating an
immortal layer
Covering them with
And forever glistening…
No matter the storm

Ignorance may claim that my age was too young
My face too
My body too
Though I assure the world that love occurs at any age.
Through my doubts I come out convinced
That love is prevalent in the chaotic jungle of today

My first love was contrary to the norm
It consisted of feelings that neither one of us had the ability to comprehend
The mental passion that existed was too great
Too powerful

A fear not even love can conquer erupted within me

I committed my much craved sins

Therefore our love ended
before it ever really began…

The author's comments:
This is about my first love. I hope my reader's learn not to be ignorant or afraid of love.

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