Snapping Spines and Delivering Wishes

July 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Follow me.

I’m captivating, alluring.
Brilliantly shining.

Do you see the rainbows that loop
from my fingertips?
Or the oceanic hair that washes over the shore
of my shoulders?

How about my eyes of crystal?

I’m sure you’ve seen them before:
I stole them from the sky, gently loosening them from the dark blanket
as easily as those cheap gems on sweaters.

You wished for me upon them,
and now here I am.

I’m menacing.

Can you smell me from that far?
I’m not sure you can.
Please, darling, come closer.
now I see the hunger in your eyes,
my taste lying heavily
on your hanging tongue.
I smell like sin.

You may want to watch out
for the rocky hills of my arms.
The peaks are a little sharp for your fragile
human body.

Be aware of my snowy breath,
for it caused the last ice age.
Not that those dinosaurs were sorely missed.

Forgive me; they were quite rude.

Don’t worry; it’s not your fault.
You can’t help but be attracted to me.
To my fish scale fingernails, or the unicorn horn
Poking out of my rhinoceros skin.
I’m beautiful.


Yes, come closer still,
you’re almost right here.
I can see the wonder in your eyes,
the complacent nature long gone.

Remember when we first met?
I was such a puny thing.

You laughed.

Well, who is laughing now, darling?

I could end with the world with a sneeze,
I could freeze the sun with my heart.
I could snack on the earth,
and still not be satisfied.
I have more power than you could ever dream of.

Who’s laughing now?

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