Taking control of Me

July 14, 2010
By srg22 BRONZE, Owings Mills, Maryland
srg22 BRONZE, Owings Mills, Maryland
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There are children playing
People saying
Live everday as your last
And if you haven't been through something
How do you know about the experiences
All I know is that we're all changing
But, if you know where you stand, it souldn't matter what obstacles are in the way
As long as you have enough fathto pray
I've noticed some people just let things happen to them
But not everybody learns through experience
Some people just give up or feel confused
Also the feel misguided and misused
Tio tell you the truth i was one of those people
Now i look up to the steeple

The author's comments:
I was inspired through kids because they teach yu something new everyday and I hope that people will share a knowledge of how feel.

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