The Vow

July 14, 2010
Crawling into a ball,
the roars came.
Trembles of light murmurs.
Out came the pain.
I didn't like seeing her like this.
Her moans became a quiver;
the tears were the only cure
to the infliction of heartache.

Previously it seemed like the
common mother to father argument 'till
the furniture began to move.
The pot found its way through the window
and the vase into his head.
Blood trickling, through the skull.
I sat there, unknown of my presence.
Watching play by plays
of full blown anger into action.
They both had, had it.
The room presented its evidence,
suspicions of deceit and betrayal lead up to this.
This love had finally ended.

I took my hand and touched my heart.
This can't be happening;
mommy and daddy can't tear apart.
Side by side with my sisters,
made myself swear I’ll never have to witness this again in my own home,
when I’m married.
Pain will not paint itself in my own heart;
I proudly pronounced standing four feet tall.
I will not let a man take hold of me,
destroy what I am.

It’s been years since then and I’ve broken that vow.
I so long ago swore to myself.
I’ve let men get to me,
take pieces they've gotten
from mother as well.
I didn’t want to mourn like she has
but here I am taking the same path
leading in her direction.
She didn't deserve it,
I’m not going to take it.

Where has that little version of me gone?
Ready to take the march of freedom without being burdened by confused love.
Dodge arrows of unforgiving lies and take my own hand straight to never ending paradise.
Where is she?
I know she's in there.
Where walls were built and screwed,
where nothing at all meant everything.

There she is,
I finally found her.
And the broken promise is now
a reborn oath.
I will never be trampled over ever again.
Mommy was right in telling me,
that happiness is only reached if you fight for it.
But daddy was right to,
you can't let any man screw you over and get the best of you.

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