When Time Runs Out

July 14, 2010
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Estranged surfaces
Scoweringly glance at the intruder
An alarming loud flickering
From then to now, past to present
Astonishment at the speediness
Always urgently scurrying along time
Denying all comforted souls
The chance to bask in their cherish able lives.
Racing towards the ending
Only to secondly graze into the next
Beginning to re-start the fast-forwarded
Hungrily, searching hands.
Always reaching out for more
Every time, winning over the repeated race-
When does it stop?
When does it end, relax
Take the chance to view
What it so choosingly speeds past?
How many seconds easily fluttered by
How many minutes so choosingly trampled over
What amount of hours,
Days, weeks, months, years
Simply disappear one day
Only remaining hazy memories of once treasured importance?
How many amazing stories,
Days to which we confidently pledged would never be forgot
Repeatedly slipped through your distracted fingers
Only to remain untouched,
And completely abandoned?
That steady tick of the tock
Constantly urging on
Every set eager plan we have created
Oh so cleverly masked by our deepest fears
Our undying inability to remain alive.
Loving, fearing, treasuring or lost
Happy, or confused, uplifting of degrading--
We struggle through it all
Loving yet hating it every second of the way
Only to secondly accept it
For everything it unburied
Yet still everything it had created.
Frantically elapsing on through life
With the buried, yet still conscious
Reality, that each day was another day
In which our time was running out.
That crazed second hand
That less urgent, yet still consistent
Minute hand. Forever reminding us
Of our clocked and non-infinite lives.
The steady stream,
To which we can never go back and re-live
Our crazy, complicate, completely confusing lives
Nor the loving, cherish able, undoubtedly promising moments of our lives
That will slip past steadily
Day by day,
'Till one day our personalized clocker
Regrettably ran out.
And all that our life would ever consist of
Is blatantly presented to our nearly blinded eyes
That your time had undoubtedly ended
And those lost memories, too, would die.

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xBaByGiRrL22x said...
Aug. 22, 2010 at 5:45 pm
~this is amazingg! i luvv it. i think it bringz out da 1 fear dat everyone haz in da back of their mind..that no one will live forever. our time will come one day, & their is nothing 2 be done bout it. we all hav a personal clock tht tickz day by day. lol, tht prob sounded very grim but u kno wht i mean. plz keep writing!:D
MercedesXO replied...
Aug. 23, 2010 at 1:41 pm
haha yes! i know wat you mean. and thanks so much for the comment:)
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