I swear, I'm unlike any others...

July 27, 2010
By youaintgotnopancakemix SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
youaintgotnopancakemix SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
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I'm not like the average girl, who listens to mainstream music all day and wishes for love. I'm the girl who'd rather listen to Rush or Metallica instead of All Time Low or The Maine. I'm the girl that would rather be with band geeks than cool kids. I'm the girl that stays hidden, and doesn't like to stand out too much.
But that's just my act. Sometimes, I really wish I was a popular kid that went to all the parties instead of the kid that stays home on the weekend. I wish I was skinnier, with less acne, and just in general better looking. I sometimes just wish that I was somebody else, since I feel like I'm just a stupid ghost.
Okay, so all that isn't completely true either. Honestly, I am happy with myself, sort of. And I like being friends with cool nerds. It makes me feel good to have them by me. My friends are a part of me. Without them, I am nothing. So whenever I'm around at least one of them, I turn from ghost to human. And suddenly I'm happy. But once I say goodbye, I go back to my silent traveling, endlessly throughout the day. One day, I hope to feel alive by myself.

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M.W.M. BRONZE said...
on Aug. 18 2010 at 8:13 pm
M.W.M. BRONZE, Undisclosed, New Jersey
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dont worry ur not alone. a lot of young people feel this way but just dont really talk about it. i often feel like im alone with what i do/feel/act, but then i get surprised to find out im not.

hang in there ;)

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