July 27, 2010
I see you,

all alone.

You don't see me.

I think about what,

What we used to be,

What we could have been.

You messed up,

Big time;

You and I both know that.

If only, you hadn't,

Hadn't cheated.

Maybe if you'd walked away,

Away from her,

We'd still be together.

I guess we'll never,

Never know because you had to,

Just had to get to know her.

What comes around,

Goes around, Honey.

You're all alone;

We both left you,

You and your pitiful apologies.

So, Hon,

I hope you learned,

Learned something,

Because I have.

You know what I learned?

I learned never to date someone,

Someone desperate and manipulative,

Like you.

You look so vulnerable,

That maybe,

Just maybe,

If you hadn't cheated,

I would've gone over to you.

Oh, Honey,

One more thing:

Next time you cheat on a girl,

Don't leave the keys to your car in the ignition.

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xBaByGiRrL22x said...
Aug. 23, 2010 at 6:34 pm
niiiice. i reallly like this! my favorite part is the end. gr8 job!
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