The Kiss

July 27, 2010
The rough, ridged hands rest on my chin-yet soft as linen,
His warm breath bounces off my face,
I gaze into the eyes of my dear friend-curious-waiting,
His eyes are glazed over like small pearls of the sea- a tear rides the side of his cheek,
His lips trembling in light vibrations-he can barely catch his breath,
My heartbeat flutters like tiny little repetitive hummingbird wings,
He leans in-as do I- for raw emotion- the sweet kiss,
Like honey- his lips taste sweet against mine,
Like everything suddenly stopped-frozen- in time,
He pulls me in closer- I can feel the rise and fall of his chest-like waves,
His warmth rushes through me-tingling my insides- I’m hindered speechless,
I grab his hair like thin strings of cotton-smooth -easy,
His lips repel from mine as he lets out a grin,
“I now pronounce you…”
I turn face the watchers-the music blares- ringing through my skull,
My veil tickles my back- as everything else in my body becomes numb,
“…And wife.”
Our hand bind together- inseparable,
The crowd roars in repetitive claps and screams.
My dear love, my only love-bonded
Now and …forever- till death does us part.

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