Once Again, Once Again!

July 27, 2010
By Fabuquinn BRONZE, Woodway, Texas
Fabuquinn BRONZE, Woodway, Texas
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Once again, Once again!

Chaos, I feel as if you’ve dropped a rock on my heart,
You build me up, only to push me back down,
To shove my face in the dirt,
Once again, once again!
I fight to control this inner battle,
But never can I defeat this deep internal torment.
You keep me chained like a wild animal,
You break my heart,
And spit in my face,
Once again, once again!
Your only desire is to harm me,
Defeat me, break me!
But you will not, can not, shall not!
Once again, once again!
I won’t let you, I will overcome you,
I will survive, I will endure,
Until death itself.
I will see the roses in the morning,
After I come out of this darkness,
Never again will you overpower me Chaos!
Once again, once again.

The author's comments:
The way I was inspired to write this piece was feeling stressed about life. Feeling the pull of chaos around me. So wrote the poem resolving to not allow it to drag me down.

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