July 27, 2010
Soft. The leaves brush against the battered window
Which views of clouds struck deep in mind.
No earth, thus still lingers through time
As what known worlds still remain collide

Hope never estimates true value
When value seems missing no doubt
The autumn lush colors turn dim
And silence where it was left is none

Only dreams clear out sorrow
Which only I could retain
Yet soft winds I hear in the distance
Call out your name

Why, oh why world thus make me feel pain?
For me to endure along ‘tis shame
Only I can accept fate
Which fate holds another name.

I’m left with only eyes to see
Which what I see makes me blind
What I used to feel’s a lie
Where Dark paths lead to my blistering night

Scarecrows scare away sparrow
Which sparrow is what I see in your eyes
Where light which was once there
Is now gone in time

Adieu, Adieu dark Sparrow
The scarecrow, ‘tis me this time

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