July 27, 2010
By VannyPie SILVER, Phila, Pennsylvania
VannyPie SILVER, Phila, Pennsylvania
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"I like to be a free spirit, Some don't like that, but that's the way I am."- Princess Diana.

You told me to write down all the emotions that I feel.
Only you didn't stress how hard it was, to know which emotions are real.
Listen to your heart, you said, as if an organ could be a guide.
You didn't tell me that I should brace myself for a very bumpy ride.
Emotions cant be worth all of these headaches and many a sleepless night.
I mean who really needs them. We would be better off without them, right?
Do I really need jealousy, hatred, anger, and love?
I should put them all in a box on a moutaintop and shove.
They only lead to heartbreaks, running makeup, frowns and tears.
But wait, aren't emotions what got me through the last 19 years?
Happiness believing in what you say.
Joyfullness was always there to brighten up my day.
Sadness isnt always good but its a part of life.
Love one day will make me a wife.
I change my mind about what I said before.
Emotions are good, when not buired deep down in your core.
So let them loose and let them free.
Emotions are there to let you see.

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