Who cares

July 18, 2010
How could you?
How could you be the way you are?
When you are staring me in the face,
When you see into my eyes,
You tell me you love me,
You tell me you always have,
And still others say it is hard for you to express your love,
But that’s not true is it?
It never was,
I was a mistake…
Your mistake,
The mistake that took you from your life,
The mistake that kept you in place,
Your ball and chain,
That holds you down,
You know you never cared,
Yet you continue to pretend,
You continue to lie,
You continue to cheat,
To put me down,
To cause my scars,
But that wasn’t enough,
Was it?
You had to take more,
Not from me,
But from her,
The only one that loves you,
The only that cares,
The only one that worries,
But that doesn’t matter
Does it?
You just threw her away,
You threw “us” away,
So just say it,
Say it to my face,
Tell me I am worthless,
Tell me you don’t care,
What does it matter?
I’m just a mistake

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