Peruvian Violet

June 29, 2010
Peruvian Violet
So subtle, so sweet.
Peruvian Violet,
Is every where if you’d only see.

Peruvian Violet
So simple, so smooth.
People always admire
All its moves,
Every groove.

Peruvian Violet
Subtle and sweet.
Blends into the back ground,
But is not afraid to speak.

Peruvian Violet,
Soft to the touch.
Peruvian violet,
Is not needed much.

Peruvian Violet,
Always in the back ground,
Never making a sound.

Peruvian Violet
Is crazy, you see,
Because all it listens to,
Is the song of the sea.
Wishing to be a blue so bight
But is stuck as a violet almost as dark as night.

Peruvian Violet
Like the birds in the sky
With feathers so smooth
And never holds a lie.

Peruvian Violet
So happy, so sweet.
But no one would guess
The pain unseen.

Peruvian Violet
Like a snake in the field,
Wishing to be loved
Like a warrior with his shield.
But is unnoticed for the time being,
Slithering, silent,
But never leaving.

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