Flashing Dreams

July 27, 2010
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Looking, yearning, for a mirror that reveals
What is breaking me, something that heals
Emptiness, pain, desolation, tears
How do I deal with all my fears?

Walking back and forth, pacing over dreams
Unacomplished, they aren't as important as they seem
Really, you think? I'm afraid to blink, to frown
For my emotions can sink, I might drown

Do you want a golden crown? They ask
No, replies the voice, life's an easy task
Smile and pretend, you have everything solved
You will see at the end, only emotions evolved

Breathe in and hold, forever the air
Are your insides going cold? Now climb another stair!
Run! It's a race, don't ever dare to stop!
Is it worth the prize, to die within a tear drop?

I'm a melody, muffled by the sound
I'm dissapointment, something never found
I'm a pointless race, I'm a silent shout
I'm that secret place, no one knows about

Once again, change surronds, with its spell
Will it ever stop? I can hear the ringing bell
Wandering around the same old street
Flashing dreams, the lights are lit

I'm unplugging reality, playing with the wires
To create something new, art that inspires
The sensitive soul, and emotions with thrive,
Music, vibrations of life, art can revive

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