Emerald Seas

June 21, 2010
because your eyes
are green like rolling emerald seas
green like the grass that grows in early spring, hopeful and full of life
a green that brings me peace

but it's just a dream
hopeless, unrequited, longing
hopeless because every force conspiring to stop me has, it seems
a hopeless cause like a forsaken belonging

and here I wait, day after day
hoping that maybe today will be the day
that you'll see me, talk to me, profess your love for me
because every fiber of my being longs for those lovely seas
because I'm sitting here, thinking: how can I compare
with those other girls, beautiful, pretty, fair
those jade green seas have so many options
those beautiful swans scream beware

treading carefully on the beaches of these seas
I just want a chance to know you: please
I'll keep writing poetry, sheet after sheet
no matter how difficult, I won't accept defeat
because I know it, in every nook and cranny of my heart
you are what keeps me from falling apart
that one fateful afternoon, I saw you sitting at the table
everything changed; I wonder how I am still able
to make all these mistakes, every step of the way
still unrequited, still waiting for that day

the tide comes in and washes away
any trace of the happiness I gained today
I see you in the halls, talking to one of those girls
I watch helplessly as the story unfurls
because those emerald seas haunt my spirit
every trip of fate with fire sears it
because I've never felt for anyone else this yearning
longing, anticipation, and fire burning
those jade green seas strike a match within my soul
that space in my heart: you fill the hole

because your eyes
are green like emerald seas

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MirandaAdelyn said...
Aug. 18, 2010 at 10:13 pm
This is truly amazing!  I love it! The imagery and story just really draw the reader in and connect them. Great job!!!
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