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Ultra Violet

July 24, 2010
By qekelly1 GOLD, Wayne, New Jersey
qekelly1 GOLD, Wayne, New Jersey
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A specific feeling, I know all too well
All it does is seem to give me hell
Like the rolling waves of the ocean
Tears ribbon down my face
To have this thought that everything is in its place
Like the tides of the ocean
Our love is always in motion

You seem to claim you love me
That our love is as boundless as the sea
I ain’t just anybody so put your faith me
I’ll make you believe in what you see

Our love is ultra violet
Only seen in a certain light
And I’ve got this feeling
Its gonna be alright

I don’t wanna say goodbye
But it seems that were running out of time
All the things we said we would do
It all seems to be up to u

But I knew this feeling is so cliché
All I do is fade away
Give me one good reason to stay
So my heart doesn’t have to feel this way

You’ll always be a part of me
Just look for the sea
That holds the key to you and me

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