A soul that does not leave the heart

July 24, 2010
He smiled as the world crumbled up
He smiled as he became ill, growing up
He smiled knowing that life would eventually go on
And every time he smiled he light up my heart

He cried because he thought his life would end so fast
He cried because his hair was falling off
He cried because his voice was weak and soft
But his voice was truly very loud and fond
I heard it day and night
Even when he was no where near
Although he’s now far too gone
He remains in living in my heart
He speaks though out memories
He touches me in my deepest senses
I feel his warm presence
I know that he’ sitting right next to me as I’m writing this
When you loose someone you don’t loose them right away,
You loose them by parts
But in reality as long as you keep those memories and hold on to that past
That loving soul will never go on.

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