July 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Everytime I say I'm tried of life, someone always proves to me they need me in theirs. Could be someone I barely know, could be someone I know a little too well. Atleast once a day someone tell me they love me. And it makes me think, there's always someone who will love me for who I am, for who I always will be. People tell me how beautiful and gorgeous I am. I don't see it, but through their eyes I am. It makes me feel beautiful and gorgeous. Everyday someone tells me they miss me. I think back to the last time I had with whoever it was. Could have been amazing, full of sorrow, painful, upsetting, excited, insightful. Everyday someone thinks about you. I wonder who thinks about me...Who ever it is, I'll be thinking of who you might be. I always hope it's someone who loves me for who I am, thinks I'm beautiful inside and out, misses me even if they had seen me a minute ago, proves they need me in their life no matter what we go through...Could you be that someone?

The author's comments:
Life. (:

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