the saddest life

July 24, 2010
If the world only knew,
She wants to be free and escape the misery of everyday life
Her days are set on repeat
She cant let herself cry, if she does then she is weak
Her nails are painted black to match her hair
She cuts her wrists, that way she is in control of something
When she smokes, she is removed from pain and suffering
In a middle-class life, nobody understands her
She refuses to love or be loved
Her heart won’t ever beat evenly
She closes her eyes to escape the horror that should only exist in movies
Every day she breaks her mothers heart
Her life is a street with twist and turns, ups and downs
but unlike most, this rode will not end
when she wakes in the morning, her body aches
not even her little sister looks up to her
the kids in school shy away
her family is a stranger to her
she believes she is Gods own personal sick joke
she lies to herself each day
And worst of all, she can’t remember the last time her smile was real

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SpringRayyn said...
Oct. 19, 2010 at 11:37 pm
absolutly amazing. The emotion in this is awesome.
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