No Name

July 24, 2010
She sits there, waiting for life to hit her
15 years of age, and blind to love
Her heart and soul are like brick walls
No feeling will ever enter again, nor will it leave
She sits there, waiting to feel the pain
The only one who mattered, left
The only person who cared, gone
The only soul that matched her own, lost
Close enough to reach
Far enough to chase
But distance doesn’t matter, she tells herself as the tears threaten to fall
The spark, about to light the fire her mother calls life, blown out by a cruel breeze
The wind, now howling with laughter, forces her to see what she has become
A vacant child, numb to the world
A lost love, a sad joke, a horrible pain
She puts on a fake smile, and enters the church
Then, as he lay there in the tomb, she closes her eyes
And finally lets the pain crush her
Crumbling to the floor, she feels whole again.

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