Scared of Being Scared

July 21, 2010
By MaketheFlame GOLD, Queens Village, New York
MaketheFlame GOLD, Queens Village, New York
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"Like an angel with two broken wings. Reach for the sky again. Like the devil, meant for better things. I will find my place on high"

I did not know what it was
When I would strum
It came out
I still do not know
Yet I do
Do not want to know
It is
When it would flow out
Made it flee
When I braved to show myself
And move
Pull forward
Made it stay behind
Or go
For it so loves
To remain still
And make one stationary

But I know it once again
It wants to be like lead
To wrap my bones
And turn them heavy
And I fear what was before
To see it can be fast
Upon the path
When bored
With many legs
And styles
And faces
Angry tears
“Why did you return!”
Fearing fear
Fear of fears
When I hear it might be rustling
The panic
What drives my longest flights
To run from fear again

The author's comments:
The biggest fear is fear itself

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