I Walked the Beaches

July 25, 2010
I walked the beaches and heaved a sigh?
Watching, waiting, for time to pass by?
And hearing the whispering ocean breeze
On the horizon the sky seemed to freeze
Into a perfect line, completely straight
And I began strolling in a rhythmic gait

I walked the beaches and saw the sky
Hoping, wishing, for time to pass by
And basking in the hot degrees
Relying on the sun not to freeze
The path predicted by my horrible fate
My sandy toes sunk into my gait

I walked the beaches and felt the air?
Flowing and going without a care
Passing as if in a wailing craze?
Sobbing and screaming, the voices raise?
For the wind knows things that the sea does not?
The waves strung taut, for their souls had fought

I walked the beaches and felt the sun's glare
Glaring and staring without a care?
Mind hazed as towering rays gaze
The reflection of which lay in the tides that raised
For the wind knows things that the waters ought
It knows the tale of the lives who had fought

I walked the beaches
And remembered?
those who had tried?
those who had cried
those who were caught?
those who had fought
and those who had died

I walked the beaches feeling broken
I was one of the lucky few?
Whom this plague of worry
didn't affect,
And I thought about them...
How many hearts have been wrecked?

I ran across the beaches?
and believed in those who tried,
?and were caught,
?and fought, and died?
to save their lives?
And back to the beach, after a long journey, arrived.

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coravecwriter said...
Aug. 14, 2010 at 11:59 am
I didn't have any question marks in the poem I submitted, so I'm not sure how they got there....
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