July 24, 2010
He pressed his lips to mine
And drank the loneliness from my lungs
The blackness dripped into him
And I was left breathless, but with love
He said to me,
“Suicide is a sin,”
Though I had never spoken a word of this to him

Medicate me
Isolate me
Devastate me
Annihilate me
One day you will find me
Asphyxiated in fantasy

One by one
The stars fell from the sky
So unmajestically
And in embarrassing fashion
I began to cry
Knowing that with my next breath
There would be no stars left

I stared out my small window
Feeling the ocean inside me
I awaited their return
My eyes began to burn
As I recalled your long-ago whisper
The promise of a shooting star
Now, I stared across the deserted expansion
Wondering how far away you really are

“Bite down
Break free
My hand is not far
Come with me
I have found you a star”

“Lover,” said I
“Where are you? I cannot see your face.”
“Not far,” you said
“I’m waiting for you, not far from this place.”

On hands and knees
With teary eyes and bleeding feet
I made myself free
Feeling the ocean crashing inside of me

“Lover,” I screamed
“I have come but I cannot see you.”
“Close your eyes and feel for me,” you said
“I am here.”

And then we embraced
I could not see your face
But I felt the rain
Contently mute, with everything to say
Transferring from my soul to yours
Through the simplicity of a kiss

“I never stopped believing in you,” said I
“I am here now,” said you
“With something to prove myself”
A star from your pocket appeared before my eyes
“Only a portion of your worth,” you said
“But all the others have fled the sky.
“Would you like to be with me, day and night,
“Endlessly united through each and every life?”

“I will lie with you,” I said
“From this point on,
“And nothing will separate us two,
“Not even death.”

Kiss me now
Kill me now
It won’t change a thing
I have found my angel
And I will sleep within his wings

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