She Burns Me.

July 21, 2010
By charlestyler. SILVER, Oakdale, California
charlestyler. SILVER, Oakdale, California
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"originality is cliche."

- me.

i have discovered Her.

She is fire. fire. life threatening, yet essential to life. deadly, but aiding. She is light. She provides my light. She is uncontrollable but still molds to Her surroundings, which at any time She could destroy. She is the symbol of energy. of life. to be. She holds my life. She holds all life, with the flick of Her flame. with the lick of Her tongue. because She is life. but She is NOT immortal. She is me. she is, She.

OH, SHE BURNS. She burns me.

She is fire. She is pyre. She is light, engulfed by darkness. but She, too, once was darkness, until, like a match, was struck from the black. She burns. She hurts me. but i never learn. She burns. but i can never turn. She controls life. She exploits life. She intimidates life. She fears life.

She can burn anything, because everything burns.

burn me. oh god, please, burn me.

i want Her to burn me. i want to feel Her scorch. Her heat, radiating from Her body. i want to smell Her smoke as She lays waste to the world. i want Her incense. i want Her. can you feel Her? She is all around us. She is all around me. She is in me. and i am in Her. it's warm. it's hot. i sweat. i'm dying. but it's okay. i want this. i want to follow Her into the dark. the dark She was struck like a match from. i want Her to be my cause. i want to be Her effect.

She is fire.

She is bright. She is naked, glowing in the foggy moonlight, moaning for sight. She is bright. so bright. She shines. even the devil squints his eyes as he tries to perceive Her. to discover Her. She is NOT immortal. She is dense and bright at Her lick, Her flick, but Her blue, transparent base is shallow. it is hollow, longing for light. longing for more fuel. more source. Her base is cut deep within Her burning eyes. She is scarred. She is scared. She is hurt. She, has been burned. the cool whispering wind has burned Her, made Her flinch with a cold shiver. a flick of darkness devours Her for a blink of an eye. She recovers. yet She too has burned Herself. She yearns for more fuel. for rejuvenation. She is the flame.

She is fire. Her flame never tires. She tries hard to flicker, but She has so much hinder.

flicker, my beautiful flame.
flicker, in my name.
flicker for me.

let me be the cause of your impulse.

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