Why does love have to die?

July 20, 2010
By hopeandy1234 BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
hopeandy1234 BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
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To be true oneself, You need to look into your heart. - by me :$

There's nothing like the cold wind blowing on your broken heart, as the tears are freezing when there streaming down your face. How could this have happened, we were perfect just before. Till the tide came and hit me like a rock, i noticed that this love was crashing down like nothing i have ever seen before. You changed, I changed, The world changed, It's moving to quick for anyone to catch it. When i remember the times we had all i can feel is the cold dark wind, and my eyes they start to get watery, My hands they shake, My life just stops at the instant, and i realize that i need you more than ever, but it's too late, it's always to late.

The author's comments:
I just went through a breakup and i felt a little down, so i began to write.

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