July 20, 2010
By Anonymous

What happened to those fillings I had . . .
The ones when I would be excited to get your text
When I would get butterflys when you said "I Love You"
When I would get grounded and hate that I couldnt see you
When I would push my friends aside to be with you
When you would tell me your moving I would break down and cry

Now whats happening when. . .
I hang out with my best friend and cant wait for his hug
Ignor your text just to talk to him
I tell you I'm going to bed early so I can call him on the phone
I would secretly sneak out so us two could be alone

I'm not trying play that movie in real life . . .
The one where you get forgotten and my best friend takes your place
. . .I just fell in love with rights and never noticed the wrongs
What I'm trying to tell you is
Look. . .
I'm moving on!

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