Darrell, who Plays Timpani in the Band

July 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Darrell plays in the band.
He’s kind of like that Timpani.
You know.
Could’ve played any instrument he wanted.
Play the trumpet, his father told him.
He could’ve done well with the saxophone.
His father is disappointed because he was a soloist in the band.
Darrell could have been a soloist, you know. He’s real musical that way.
But he plays the Timpani.
Darrell is the Timpani.
The instrument that doesn’t carry the melody.
That is only subconsciously heard.
You know it’s there, that Timpani.
But do you hear it?
Or rather, do you listen?
That’s like Darrell.
Darrell, who plays Timpani in the band.
Everyone hears him.
But only I listen.
I listen to the Timpani.
It sings to me above the trumpets and the saxophones.
Darrell sings to me.
Darrell, who plays Timpani in the band.

The author's comments:
This is not really about a person named Darrell, or any person at all for that matter.

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