This Is Him

July 20, 2010
By dalseman BRONZE, Wuhan, Other
dalseman BRONZE, Wuhan, Other
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Once, on the raging hills up high
Lived a young rebel whose head held high
He set out for vengeance against the darkness ahead
And to save his love from the devils of the night
Thus he stepped out, facing torture and the pain
Taking it till he screams out in vain
But never did he let go, never did he yield
For in the pain is all that make his life real

Trembling in the cold gales of the winter night
Shaking with all that weighs down his mind
He embraced loneliness with a will that held him tight
And even in hell he stumbled for the light
Footsteps unsteady but ever so firm
Eyes piercing oblivion with a mind so strong
He buried all his tears deep down inside his heart
While walking on with a smile of sorrowful mourn

In a braced determine he stood out to fight
Shielding others from the bleeding of the sight
Squires and soldiers have fallen before soon
But as a warrior he stood tall to the dawn
Whispers of arrows and clashing of swords
Sizzlings of irons and cracklings of whips
Night threatened to swallow him with torment and devour
Yet fainting he tumbled for the birth of new light

And soon it was just him and her
The warrior and the guardian of wings of the dark
And though they were close as mother and son
Now they had to fight for dominance of the Sun
He pushed himself with all the strength left
Yet anchored as he was, he was frail and couldn't stand
Shielding his love, he was seized away
And held tight in the claws of she who once loved

Among the screams and pleads he was pulled away
Shot by a spell of agony through the bones
Leaving the man to writhe at her heels
She smiled and turned to the girl frozen at side
Inoring her tears and hatred in eye
She walked to her and pointed to her heart
And said, "Girl, how foolish you were
To depend on a fool who loved no one but himself"

"Liar!" She shouted as she closed her eyes
For pain would tear her surely as teared her love
And as the Devil mouthed the final words
A flash of light suddenly blasted apart the night
There behind her stood he who had fallen
Fighting Dark with every bit of strength
And shocked, the Devil twisted and snarled
Till what was dark, is dark no more

Sobbing uncontrollably, the little girl ran
Into the arms of the man she loved
But what he felt was only blood pouring out
Until pain got over him, and he knew no more
Desperately the girl called out
For him, for the warrior who saved her with his life
But what answered was the whistles of the wind
And the image of his body burned to her mind

What lay before her was hardly a man
Rather, a body through a mechanical craze
Blood and flesh, and blood again
All that was seen was what was inside the skin
And what, she cannot seem to imagine
What would make a man stand up to this pain
But his dying act seemed to have spelt the answer
Her love had been his sole support in times of war

Morning dawned from over the horizon
Light splattered the fresh lands of the hill
The Sun glittered in every inch of dew
But through her tears, all she cared was gone
He who had fought for all his life
Had endure and embraced a world of pain
Would lay down his life for a girl so plain
Would absorb strength from the power of love

And as if from inside her, she heard
His voice weaving his final song of love
"I'm gone, my love, but the light is yours
You'd never live a day with fear in your mind
I had tried my best, did what I can
But I want you to know that all is for you
If there is nothing else you know...

"Know that, my dear, I love you."

The author's comments:
It doesn't really rhyme well-I just wrote as the words came into mind. This is based on a story I've been creating inside my head for years.

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