July 24, 2010
im on the outside looking in,
feeling so much pain,
all my hurtings deep within,
and your the only one to blame.

its hard to explain,
why my tears shed endlessly,
in my heart i gave you everything,
but in your heart we were never meant to be.

now you said you loved me,
and i'd tell you that back,
but the thing i'd find so funny,
is that your love was just an act.

when you said te amo,
your words would never have true feeling,
i listened when you spoke,
but when i'd speak, you'd lose hearing.

now i'd sit on the outside,
my mind filled with many question marks,
why'd you leave me?,
if you didnt love me why play with my heart?

you left a lil soldier as myself,
teary eyed on the steps,
i'd watch my teardrops as they fell,
with each tear i'd lose what was left.

between what the 2 of us had,
im not gonna lie, hey it wasnt perfect,
not that it was bad,
but on the serio it wasnt worth it.

and you can call me foolish,
say i'd never find another ruka of ur status,
but saves que u ruined it,
you know ur math mija so trying adding this .........

when we first met i wont forget,
no lies i was in a twirl,
thats when i decided ay ima try it,
ima make you my girl,

so we began to talk and we began to walk,
eventually hand in hand,
i was troubled and lost so i'd never thought,
you'd soon be my lady..and i'd be your man.

but ay there we stood 2 lovers from tha hood,
and mija that was tha world,
i was a loner and a street roamer,
whiler you were my angel, girl.

our love would shine like the light,
or a gift from up above,
you were my present sent straight from tha heavens,
i was certain this was true love.

as i take a glance or as we'd dance,
shit ay i never thought i'd feel,
a seperation from this sensation,
as though all else was unreal.

you brought me happiness and tenderness,
my words cannot describe,
but as quickly as you did this,
you took them back and started lies.

till our trust was gone,
and all our rights were wrong,
you cheated mistreated,
and lefted me alone with this sad song.

pero saves que mija,
i really loved you for sure,
i gave you my time, my life, my world,
and my love was forever pure.

now ur asking for a 2nd chance,
after pulling tha cord,
saves que mija u make me laugh,
shit heres tha final word....



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