30 Bullets

July 24, 2010
I will work until my hands bleed
I will not stop even when I can't see
I thought you might like to know
That the sun is still not coming up for me
Like me, it is somewhere in between

The cold tranquilizes me
Your touch brings me back to life
You rip so deep into me, your nails like knifes
Still, I will not complain
Even when the wind blows the sun from my sight

The heartbreak of this old trap was forgotten
And now I'm all caught up
It's as though a blade is pressed to my neck
But to sever the ties is an impossibility
And yet there are still these shoulders I have to check

The sky is raining bullets, run and hide
My heart bleeds into the street, into the gutters
I have dissolved on the inside
My legs have been severed at the knees
But your face is still all I see

I will run until my feet are numb and unfeeling
I will keep trying even when I can't stand breathing
Blisters have opened and reopened on my heals
Salt from sweat and your tears satiates the pain inside
I will not let you go without a fight

I have been searching for so long
Where have you been, hiding from the truth?
When you've needed it all along
Sincerity so lost like the marrow in your bones
Do you remember what it's like to not be cold?

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