Angels For Everyone

July 24, 2010
Were they all just lies to halt my ongoing tongue?
Were they all just simple expedients
Shot through the barrel of a gun
To devastate me?

What is your purpose?
Why were you born into this world?
To bind me here in misery?
I thought you were sent to save me.

To you, love is ecstasy
To me, love is loyalty
I do not need cries of passion to satiate me
I need for you to sway us from childhood’s calamity

You have taken my heart away,
But I feel like it is in an infant’s grasp,
And you continue to break me,
My heart cracks and shatters with every tantrum.

Elevate yourself and seek fruition
Stretch yourself, let your fingers brush the sky
And the pain will be held back with your breath
And you will not need to see my eyes reflecting death.

Run, run to your father and cower behind his legs.
My eyes dilapidate at the sight.
Your love dissipates inside his light.
Tell me lover, does his heart crack or does mine?

My futility is not unknown to me.
It is ignored in my desperate attempts at air.
These lacerations have become a familiarity.
And I know I’ve been holding hope for too long.

Where are these promises you speak of?
You spoke of angels for everyone.
Where is the love you swear to me?
You leave me to drown in my tears to escape your own.
Where is the future you dream of?
I can see nothing unfolding from this.
How could you?

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