Little Deaths

July 24, 2010
Misery still speaks to me.
I opened the box,
And took the life it housed inside.
Every word you spoke to me,
Has manifested our true destiny.

You taught me to burn,
And baby, I’m on fire now,
Calling you so save me,
Knowing you will not come.
The air feels like needles in my lungs.

Where to begin?
You entered my heart long ago,
Mysterious eyes and talon-like fingers caressing my skin,
Making love in a gaze that lasted an instant.

You were so beautiful to me.
You told me I was beautiful to you.
But this love has turned upside down.
Now I’m knee-deep in suicide,
Lost in your sparking eyes.

And I am,
And Insane.
I know you are not coming,
But I will wait,
Here in flames.

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