Wave Girl

July 21, 2010
By herahami GOLD, Levittown, New York
herahami GOLD, Levittown, New York
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once there was a girl
inprisoned by the sea
the waves were her only friends
for the fish were afraid to
swim up and meet her
for she was surrounded by the darkness
she was too shy to ask the sun
to dry her face
so she stayed
trapped in a cave
with the waves crashing in every night
at sun set
her heart would sink
in time with the dissapearing sun
one night
sitting out on the rocks
she peered up at the moon
she asked the moon why it hides
behind the sun all day
it replyed
because i am too afraid to come out and shine
so the sun does it for me
the girl replyed
you should not let the sun rule
your life is your own
and no one elses you should not be afraid to let yourself shine

the moon then told the girl to take her own advice
not to askt the sun to dry her face and brighten the darkness
she should do it herself and not let anyone stop her

needless to say the girl took the moon's advice
and now not only is she a girl of the waves
she is the girl of the earth friends to all who can be

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