The Clock on the Wall

June 21, 2010
By Gabrielle123 SILVER, West Branch, Michigan
Gabrielle123 SILVER, West Branch, Michigan
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She sees a clock on the wall
and all
she wishes is that
she could make it go back.

Rewinding, finding
the time when she was happy –
back when she was young,
back to her childhood,
back when she had everything.

Now she's back in time –
back to a dark night
when she was nine
years old. And she feels
so cold in the winter snow
around her. But it's okay
because she has two
great friends beside her.

The three girls walk
in the darkness
up a hill, still
cold, but at least they are together.

Their feet trudge through
sparkling white snow and,
oh, it's just so cold!

Dragging their sleds behind them
with lowered heads,
looking down at the cold snow
makes them go
so slowly.

Once they reach
the top,
they finally stop and drop
their sleds in the snow,
looking down at all the white below,
their only light from the bright
orange moon.

Everywhere there is white!
So much bright,
sparkling white
that freezing night.

She is ready to sled down
the hill, but
still her friends want to stay
at the top. She goes
anyway, by herself,
to get away
from everything.

She is gliding
down the smooth, shiny
snow, moving faster and faster
to the place below
the hill. And still
she feels the cold biting her.
She looks down at the
snow below
her, but she gets so dizzy
from moving so quickly.

And when she looks up
she can still feel the cold, but
the sky has turned white
and it's not the middle of the
night. And she realizes she's
not looking at the sky at all,
but at a plain, white wall
with a clock ticking
so quickly!

When she sees the clock
on the wall, all
she wishes is that
she could make it fall
and stop its
ticking on the wall.

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