They Cycle

June 21, 2010
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Why did i care, when no one else was there?
I may not have seen all your struggles,
but when you needed me, I was there.
We laughed and cried,
together and apart,
We argued and fought,
but still you had my heart.
And through it all our love never fell apart.
That is until the moment you gave her your heart.
You no longer cared for the love that we built,
until the day she left you and you were riddled with guilt.
My heart was at peace til I saw you again,
you ran up and kissed me and the cycle once again began.
The love that we had was born again,
you promise repeatedly that this cycle would end.
And yet here we are a few years later
at the beggining of the end.
Because you've found love with another "she's just a friend"
Leaving me with my broken heart that I have to mend, again.

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