The Personality Mask

June 29, 2010
By Ivy.and.Rose BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
Ivy.and.Rose BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes, amazing things can happen when you least expect it."

Can anyone hear me?
I am choked below this mountain of lies, hatred and deception often seen in Life.
I'm sure someone would love to help me out, but who could possibly know I'm down here?
All they see is a smiling, enjoyable teen happy to go along with the crowd, completely ignoring themself.

Small words and little pressures poke me day after day, like the needle that has now become my best friend, as they build.
Whispers and stares follow me whenever I do something in the least bit unorthodox, so I prefer to force myself to be everybody else.
To look like they do, to talk like they do, to wear the same clothes like they do, to think like they do, and to form their opinions, never my own.
This is to truly be someone else.

At a certain point in school, you begin to see two types of people:
Conformists and nonconformists.
Leaders and followers.
You then realize you must decide, "Will I be different and face the consequences, or will I live an easy life blending into what people expect me to be?"
Will I stand up for my beliefs, or let someone else take control?

We must all make this choice at one point or another.
Unfortunately, I made the wrong decision.
And now where has it left me?
Frigid, alone and stuck in confusion.
I don't know who I really am anymore, I am so used to my fake personality.
Again, I will ask, can anyone please help me out of this mess?
Can anyone hear me?

The author's comments:
This is Ivy. I have no idea why, but sometimes I love to write depressing stuff, even if it's hardly like me. I think it's therapeutic, in a way. And by the way, no stealing, just reading, kay? ^_^ Thanks.

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