To Childhood!

June 29, 2010
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You were my baby days ago
And now you’ve gone so far—
Only to come even farther.
Your eyes were glass, your mind on-par;
You’d always find new ways to keep me thinking,
To keep me believing,
And you are the reason for my faith.
Your heart was fragile, yet immortal.
Everything about you was so brave, you know;
Your confidence legend—made this heart grow
And I know that if you sought beauty, you would find it.
If ever you desired a woman, she would be yours,
Yet you chose me, a boy who might never be a man.
You swept me up in those broad wings-
And I don’t remember many things-
But I remember that you had a home waiting for you.
I recall you making your wife sit up late
Just so that you could love me, a child.
All we were was lust and sweats,
A midnight love of fear and threats
And if you’re gone? I’ve no regrets.
You did not make me feel beautiful- you gave me beauty.
You never made me build myself—YOU sculpted me—
Me! The boy who you built and broke.
I only hope that she can love you like I did.
I never loved you the lost I couldn’t love you the best
For I know not what was before, nor in store—
Each time I’m laid down, I’ll think of you;
You were a man, and I was a boy.
You could have chosen any woman in that room,
And you chose me—
You were my baby days ago—

Or has it been years?

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