What love is to me?...

June 15, 2010
By KatelynLeigh16 GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
KatelynLeigh16 GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
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Love what is it to me Love is the sound of your heart
Love is the sound of your steady breathing Love is your eyes looking back at me
Love is a four letter word that means nothing to you Love is the tears I cry that you can’t see ..
Love is not catching me when I fall Love what is it to me?
Love is the look in his eyes when he lets me walk away Love is what he says when he wants me back
Love is something he could never understand Love is the heartbreaking pain when I turn my back on him
Love is him dancing with me even though there is no music Love what is it to me?
Love is the sound of his voice Love how could he know what love is?
Love is a wonderful feelingRight? Love what is it to me?
Love is him smiling at me when im being funny Love is …….Love is…….Jut like magic…….It’s just a stupid illusion
That is what love means to me

The author's comments:
"I wrote this after i got sick and the guy i was dating decided i wasnt good enough anymore...."

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