Our Task Ahead

July 17, 2010
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Crisp warm sand, brushing
between my toes, your hand
in mine, we crawl we climb,
you fall, i turn my hand in reach,
I plead "come on, you can make
it," you rise, we never give up,
we never give in, where others
have failed we have succeded,
we fall i feel this smooth sand
trickling on my hands, i look
into your wavy blue eyes, and
we kiss, we kiss not caring who
stares,we rise once again, and
continue our descent up this
mountain as some say, I say
it is a test of how far you are
willing to go,by your side we
reach the tip, hand in hand
beauty explodes over this beautiful sea, yet i realise my task was not reaching to see beauty but instead to reach with the girl of beauty.

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