Heart Control

July 17, 2010
By BranJames SILVER, Fort Payne, Alabama
BranJames SILVER, Fort Payne, Alabama
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"I may not agree with what you say but i will defend to the death for your right to say it" -Voltaire
"Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all"

Just thinking of what could be but never will
Is this the reason these words from my mouth spill
Maybe just maybe one day it'll all stop
But maybe it will never fade
It's that swagger u give me that sets me off to rhyme
It seems so easy as if it took no time
I'm a crazy or just Head over heels
I said this feeling will never be composed by you again
But like leaves in autumn I continue to fall When it comes to you I'm like a banana always ready to peel
How you do it to me I will never know
But this feeling continues to grow and grow
Attachment is around the corner and I need to take it down
Rememberance of the past makes me nervous I might drown
For now I enjoy these moments as if they are the last
Looking toward the future without worrying about the past

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