Army Man

July 17, 2010
Sittin one the front steps
staring at the moon
Knowing that somewhere
you're lookin at it, too

Sleeping in the grass
cuz I don't wanna go
to our big bed
with one extra pillow

Nothing can fill your space
nothing at all
I sit around waiting
for you to call

I got the notice
they said you weren't well
you were attacked
and three soldiers fell

a sorrow filled day
and a sad, sad night
hoping and praying
that you'll be alright

I wait for the call
day after day
hoping for someone
to say you're okay

In the mail
came a horrible letter
telling me
that you didn't get better

The lonely months
turn to a year
I wish that you
were with me here

There are some things
I never got to say
I held them in
until this day

Loving you
was like no other
Soon I will be
a very proud mother

I wish you could see
your kids as they grow
You love them
and they will always know

I will remember you
as long as I can
How could I forget
my favorite army man?

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