The mess

July 8, 2010
I sit and rock
Back and forth
Holding the bottle
That once held
The safety and
Comfort of your arms
But it is now
Filled with
The million
Tiny pills
I try to swallow
One by one
Remembering your face
As I try
To escape
The fact that
Every single day
You rape
Me emotionally
Leaving me to die
Watching my body
As my eyes
Produce any more
Not for you
Not for your
You walk away as
My whimpers
Float to you
Looking for the light
That you once let me hold
You turn
As I gasp
Trying to capture
The air that
Gives me
That lets me live to see
Another day of
Obedience to you
Then you leave
And my world turns
Cold and black
And my heart
Explodes in my chest
Wanting you
With my last breath
I cry
“Don’t worry
I will clean
Up the mess
You made”

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