My Way To You..

July 13, 2010
By , Weslaco, TX
Love isn't based on a boy or a girl.
I believe it's that simple feeling of when you're simply free.
So I stare at you with tears running down your face.
You say no one can love you and I say it's just a phase.
I can't belive how you can feel this way.
We all want love that is true, but have you relized I as a friend love you?
Every frown I see doesn't fit you're beautiful face.
So I'll sit here with you and trace the tears why you tell me all your fears.
For I believe real love is trust or being content with one self.
But for you that's not enough so you complain while I help.
Like mostly all teens you think love comes from a boy or girl..
Love is family peace joy friends being able to trust the love you think you know is really lust.

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