Teenage Love

July 17, 2010
By Heather3728 GOLD, Mastic, New York
Heather3728 GOLD, Mastic, New York
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The rain is falling
As she turns to look at him.
He's been there all along,
She just didn't realize it.

She turns to enter
His warm, strong embrace.
She looks up and smiles,
He returns the same smile.

They begin to walk hand in hand,
Down towards the snow-white gazebo.
His hair is shining like a thousand diamonds,
Her cheeks of pink from the stinging rain.

They get to the cover of the gazebo
And he grabs both of her hands.
He is gazing into her eyes, so deeply,
She feels he is looking deep into heart.

A light of recognition comes to his eyes
As he says the magic words...
"I love you always and forever!"
Her head begins to swim as he leans in.

He grasps her delicate face
And kisses her with a fire like passion.
She is happy,
And he found his love.

Now some may say,
They are too young to know love.
The elders
Don’t understand.

He has a feeling deep inside
That he can't ignore
While she has a feeling
So pure and right.

He promises to love her forever.
Although they are only teenagers,
They will last...

The author's comments:
I want people to realize that you are never to young to find love.

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