My Luck Is Running Out

July 17, 2010
By muna.najihah PLATINUM, Malacca, Other
muna.najihah PLATINUM, Malacca, Other
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What a dreadful day it is!
I've never get scolded twice in a row,
My brain feels heavy to think,
My health is getting worse,
Is my luck running out?

Used to be a happy one,
Always in cheer helps me,
Helps me through hard time,
That what's make my reputation,
My cheerfulness brings me luck,
All the time.

Sadly it is draining out,
Good luck turns bad luck,
The wheel of luck has revolve,
I might just be,
Deep in jeopardy.

Although they say it is childish,
I do believe it might be,
But still,
Superstitious is not bad,
Better be prepare,
Trouble is always there,
Superstitious is not bad.

If it is true,(it's the truth)
Perhaps my life will be more troubling,
I might find myself dying,
Dying from happiness,
And luck of a lifetime.

But my loss,
People's gain,
It is like my luck is to them,
Though it seems,
Yes it does,
I bring luck to others,
While I'm being the unlucky one.

Is it fair?
Is it right?
Or maybe this is illusion of mine?
If it is right!
My oh my....
My luck is draining for others.

Stop being so uptight,
Stop being so superstitious,
Our fate has been determine,
Before our birth,
Stop being like this,
You will make the god angry,
yeah, you will.

The author's comments:
inspired by what I had gone through on 19th and 20th of February 2010.

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